About Us

Our Story:

Final-01Our story is one of three individuals brought together by a common interest in natural health, and held together by our enthusiasm about the tremendous benefits the Aronia berry can provide.

Our Company:

The Aronia Unlimited logo and brand identity embodies our firm belief in the many health benefits of the Aronia berry. The three Aronia leaves are organized together as a Trinity Knot, tying the three owners together, the Aronia berry is the fabric of who we are and it represents our focus and common commitment to provide all of our knowledge, expertise, and dedication in sharing the Aronia berry to all we meet. The branch-like lettering represents the organic plant from which it grows and its violet-black hue portrays a fruit that is hardy, bountifully and power packed, with antioxidants and free radicals.

We know that as you learn about the many benefits of this amazing plant, you will share our enthusiasm.