Aronia Health Benefits

We grow and sell Aronia because we believe in the multitude of health benefits it provides. We’ve compiled the resources below to help prove the point, the real proof is found in statistical research and the use correlated with the feedback on how it has helped countless people. We use Aronia daily in our own diets, we know how beneficial it is and how it has helped us with situational health issues. Aronia makes you healthier by the very nature of its naturally infused properties.

Health Benefits

Aronia has the highest known levels of antioxidants of any U.S. grown fruit/berry and is the #8 super berry in the world. That alone is some pretty remarkable credentials. We have termed the phrase for Aronia “The Total Body Berry”, because of the diverse areas in which it provides assistance to our body. Research suggests there is not an area in our human body that Aronia does not protect, build up, fix, add to, or supports.

Aronia contains a high concentration of flavonoids, antioxidants, trace minerals, and phenolic phytochemicals. This includes anthocyanin, which is what give Aronia the black/dark purple color in its skin pigment. Below is a list of researched health benefits of Aronia. This is not a conclusive list and in good faith Aronia is not the fountain of youth. “IT PROMOTES AND ASSISTS WITH A HEALTHY LIFE STYLE AND HELPS OUR BODY FUNCTION MORE EFFECTENTLY.”

Aronia Health Benefits 
Blood pressureCardiovascular
Blood SugarDiabetes
Breast healthAnti-inflammatory
Digestion tractColon health
Kidney healthMemory
Nervous systemEye sight health
Cholesterol Boosts immune system
Prostrate healthUrinary tract
Skin oxidative stressUV protection

Orac Value

ORAC value, Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, is an indicator that a particular substance with this rating may have properties that are conducive to good health. Now that being said, higher is not necessarily better. Most high ORAC value substances cannot hold up under heat, as in used for cooking, others begin to deteriorate as soon as they are picked and if not dealt with right after harvest their ORAC value diminishes quickly.

Aronia is an extremely tolerant and durable berry, it has held up under heat, freezing, cooking or any other situation we have put it through.

Aronia berries have the highest ORAC Value of any fruit/berry in the United States and #8 super berry in the world. That definitely says something about this berry. Below are the ORAC Values for common berries grown and consumed domestically in the United States.
ORAC values